Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Grind

I feel like I am now in the middle of a poker tournament and this part of the tournament is sometimes called the grind because it is tedious and takes the most mental toughness. Every round every hour is truly like a slow grind you just keep going. I find this part of the game to be the most difficult but it is also the most important because you can't lose your focus or else you make one silly mistake and it could all be over and you need to just buckle down and keep playing no matter what happens around you. My focus is on healing and faith. I cannot lose that now I will not lose it now I will keep going on with my eyes on the prize. I don't ever give up in poker even if I am low in chips and I won't give up now. I plan on going in to my first Chemotherapy session visualizing a knockout. Little cancer killers running through my body looking for those bad little cells and demolishing them like a game of asteroids. (I think I am aging myself here). My competitive nature will beat the crap out of any cancer in me and I will win the game no doubt about it. I love my new Oncologist and we have a great team of doctors, nurses, friends, family and even strangers who give me strength every day. I promise to do my best to win this war, It may not be pretty but I am ready!

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