Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My faith in humanity is renewed. People are amazing and just a word means so much I can't even describe. I am having some growing fears that I am trying to keep under control and the support I'm receiving is helping to keep me strong. Truth be told I am petrified. I would like to be through this waiting and find out already what is going to be happening to me. I promised myself and god I would not try to control this but it's hard. I want to drive the bus but I know my place is to just have faith in the driver, God. Keeping the Faith!!!


  1. Nicole, you are amazing. Your transparency in processing this trial in this way will be such a help to you as well as others that may be going through similar difficulties. I pray for you often. Love, Michelle Diomede

  2. Thank you Michelle your prayers are priceless and they help tremendously. I love you like family and you are so keep in touch and take care of those beautiful kids!

    Love always,
    Nicole Rowe