Monday, September 21, 2009

D-day. Here it is folks. I slept O.K. with taking only one xanax. I literally thought I would have to take like 2 or 3 but I didn't to my surprise. My biggest fear is the unknown so I should find comfort it the fact that some of that will be over today. I look forward to meeting and speaking to my doctor today so I get some control back. I basically made the decision in my head already to do a double mastectomy though but I really want to hear some good news. I know they can't actually stage the cancer until after the surgery and pathology but thats the next hurdle. This torture is almost over and then on to the next. I hope the mental anguish gets easier because I know for sure the physical hasn't even started. I will be strong for me and for my kids and everybody else pulling for me. I can do this I know I can!

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  1. You CAN do this, Nicole. You are a strong woman. Don't doubt that for one minute. If you every need to talk, laugh, cry or sream, I am only a phone call away. Sending healing thoughts, prayers and lots of love your way.