Sunday, December 20, 2009

O.K Guys I got some splainin to do here. LOL I am sorry I haven't had the time to write in a couple of weeks but here is the deal. First I went to Los Angeles to be in the audience for the taping of the Million Dollar Challenge which was the time of my life. I got to meet some of my idols from the pokerworld who were just about as nice as could possibly be. I also got to watch an amazing thing happen which was a great family that we met out there and became really frienly with won a million dollars on the show right in front of our eyes. These people were from NY and we had no idea the first half of the day that they were going to be on the show at all. They didn't know it either the guy Mike was a fourth alternate to be a contestant and all three people before him had to lose thier match for him to be on the show at all. Well all three people before him lost their matches and he got on the show. Anyway it couldn't have happened to nicer people. He is a retired police sargeant who was in the World Trade Center 2 minutes after the planes hit on 9/11 and he was just like a hero would be as nice and humble as they come. After I got home from LA I decided I wanted to be on the show so I entered an online tournament with 10,000 people at pokerstars and I won the thing amazingly enough. This tournament gives you the opportunity to make an audition video to be on the show so my friend Maria, Myself and my sister Liz had 10 days to make this 2 minute video and upload it to you tube to get myself on the show. Then I have this really great man who is teaching and training me to be a better poker player also backed me in a 1600 dollar deep stack tournament in Atlantic City for 3 days so I was away for a while and last but not least my computer broke and I couldn't get online to Blog for a while but thank god for Dad again the hero coming through with giving me his brand new toshiba laptop to use until either I fix mine or get a new one. As you can see I have been living my life to the fullest and I don't plan to slow down cancer or no cancer chemo or no chemo I will enjoy every dam minute I've got. I missed blogging though and just to update I have a new chemotherapy starting on Wednesday call Taxol and I have been told it is not as bad as the last chemo I was taking so I think I am through with the rough stuff and the rest should be a walk in the park...

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  1. You go Sister!!! The irony, you are LIVING, and I am watching, thanks for being so inspirational, today I am willing to LIVE a little more. I think that I will gamble a little with the day. May each day of the New Year be SPECTACULAR…Tracee