Thursday, April 15, 2010

The set up

Today I went to get my mold for my radiation.  I got there and was whisked of to a giant room and about six people mulling about a cat scan machine setting things up. The room was intimidating but the people are just amazingly sincere and sweet. They explain everything to you step by step and it was somewhat overwhelming. They laid me down on this cat scan machine bed and lined me up with lasers it was amazing how much work actually goes into the preperation for Radiation therapy. After they lined me up they took the plastic that was underneath me and made a mixture of chemicals to put inside the garbage bag type  thing that I was laying on. Then they put it under me and it began to get warm and expanded around me to make a mold of my upper body. I had to lay still as possible for about an hour with my arm ovee my head which was no fun but the process amazed me. This stuff turned into an actual mold of my body that they will use every day to line me up in the machine with pinpoint accuracy. After the cat scan part the doctor comes in and explains that he will be lining things up and trying to avoid as much lung and heart and other organs which was so different than I pictured how this would be done. At the end after the mold and the drs calculations they will come up with a plan of attack and we will start radiation shortly after every day for six weeks. First they actually do a dry run without the radiation to see if everything is lined up right and to help with this they gave me eight little dot tatoos on my body so the could line me up in the same position every time I found this amazing. The technology today tells me how lucky I am to be living with this disease in this era. I know I am having the best possible care so I am sure to have the best possible outcome. All and all still scary but I am confident we are doing the right thing and I am in the right hands so here we go off to my upcoming cure and completion of all treatment forever! Amen to that.

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