Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting my Mold Today

Today I am going to get a mold of my back done to so that every time I go for radiation I am in the exact same position. Its weird I'm not affraid or anyting like that its just still surreal. I feel like this is someone elses life and I am just playing a part like an actor on t.v. Yesterday I went to see my breast surgeon and everything went great looks good no problems at all thank God but as I was sitting in the waiting room I started to talk to a woman who was just diagnosed very recently and was there to meet my breast surgeon for the first consultation. As I sit there speaking to her I am reflecting back to that day of my own and realized how far I have come. I saw the fear in her heart and wanted so bad to give her a hug and tell her it would be ok. I gave her my blog address and I hope she reads it because this blog is a window to my soul and it shows everything I was feeling along the way and I think it will help anyone who is on the same or similar journeys of their own. I hope somehow that this chronicle is of use to anyone in many situations as I said before its the only way I can make sense of why this has happened to me. I am so glad to be passed that and as far along as I am and still here to blog about it. Definitely what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and I am 100% stronger now than I was on Sept 3rd 2009. Thank you God for the gifts in my life I see them now!

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