Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A week away

Next Tuesday is the day new boobs sound good but scares me as well. I hope they turn out well and I hope it doesn't hurt too much. I am feeling so weird about this surgery for some reason I can't figure it out. On one hand I am excited about having the permanent implants hopefully they will look and feel better than the tissue expanders but I am always nevous about going under the knife and even just being in the hospital again. Soon I will blog about what I have actually gone through the last few weeks because it was so scary that its hard right now to blog about it. I missed the entire blizzard because I was in the hospital but that was a nightmare for my family. My husband and kids stayed at a hotel for 3 nights the power was out for 4 days and my Mom was stuck snowed in with no internet or phone other than her cell phone. I have this lump on my hip that I am hoping will not cause a problem with my surgeon doing the surgery again it has become painful and hot and red it seems to get inflamed every few weeks. I just want the to get the surgery over with though so I won't mention it to the plastic surgeon and hopefully she will still do it for me. I just cant wait to be on the other side of this so I can move foreward. I feel like my life has been stuck in a holding pattern and I want to scream out of frustration. I can't start radiation therapy until I heal from this surgery so lets all just pray it goes well and we can start the next chapter. My hair is growing back and It looks so thin I hope it starts coming in thicker and faster I'm getting tired of wigs and hats but my eyebrows are almost all the way back boy I never realized how much I love my eyebrows and eyelashes it makes me look and feel more normal thank God. I will keep you all posted on my progress thanks for caring everyone.

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